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mindful electrician

The services I offer range from small repairs, renovations, to complete installation for new construction projects. I provide reliable and quality service customized to your needs. 

Whether it’s a small job or large renovation you can expect consideration for your time, professional attitude, and a clean worksite.


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403 - 472 - 9938


Peter Pacholkow

Master Electrician

My first experience with electricity was at a very young age. I used to stick screwdrivers into power sockets. Thankfully I didn't get hurt and the experience did suggest what my future will hold for me. 

As an apprentice electrician, I knew that I had a passion for working with electricity. 18 years later, that passion is evident in my daily work. Making sure that placement of lights is functional and aesthetically pleasing is just one of the aspects I enjoy the most. 

Every day I look forward to taking on any challenges and meeting the needs of my customers.

As a hobby I also design and build wood furniture.